Table 1. Inside dimensions of drawers for storage of silverware

Adapted from Indoor Dining Areas fur Rural Homes in thp Western Region, Report 118, Cm'versiiy of Arizona Ajriadfurtrl Erjwiment Station* Tnrxon tJune 1955),

I tern

8 each forks, knives, soupspoons; 12 teaspoons. 1 1

6 tablespoons. 4 serving pieces 12 each forks, knivei, salad forks or others, butter 141-

spreaders, soupspoons; 18 teaspoons, 6 tablespoons, 3-piece curving set, 3 serving pieces 12 each forks, knives, soupspoons, salad forks or 17

butter spreaders: 24 teaipaons, & tablespoons, 6 serving pieces

Table 2. Dimensions of stacks of folded table linens

Adapted from Storage Space Requirements fur Household Textiles. .4. WfloIttV'Ji, M. M. While, and M. A. Richard», Agricultural Remarch Bulletin 6S~S, IKS. Department of Agriculture, Waxlunglon, D.C. U9SS). I'imeti-xiuiin given are front-to~baek, xidcto-xidr, mid hei'jht._

Space 16 in, deep

Spoce 20 in. deep lie

Minimum. In. Maximum, in Minimum, in Mo«imurn, in.

2 large tablecloths, guest use

2 medium tablecloths, everyday use 4 small tablecloths, everyday use

3 small tablecloths, guest use 12 small napkins

(2 stacks of 6) 12 large napkins

(2 slacks of 6) 6 ploce mots, everyday use

1 table pad

14x19x3 15x19x1 14*10x3 14x10x2 7x10x3

8x10x2 13*19x1 13x21x3

14x36x2 13x2Bx1 14x28*1 14x28x1 7x10x3 Bx10x2 13*19x1 13*21*3

19x14x3 19x10*1 10*14x3 10x14x2 10x 5x3 10* 6x2 19x13*1 13x21x3

19x28x2 13x28x1 15x14x2 15x14x2 lOx 9x2 10x10x1

19x13*1 13x21x3

IF no one it seated at either end af the table, the length may be reduced by approximately 4 in.

Space for total dining area

With the same condilioni noted obove and with on ample 42-in, space for passage on oil sides of a 42-in.-wide table, required sires are OS follows:


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