' Dry mot ewe has direct rein nan ship to quantity of pa irons f The dishroom shape and size relate to type of machine required.

Serving Counters

When the menu is simple end everyone receives the same lunch, (ray assembly can be employed tor fast service When food choices are offered, the serving counter is needed to stock and display items. The number of seats in the cafeteria determines the total length of serving counter required (refer to the Food Service Space Requirement Chart). Bottlenecks in student traffic can occur if counters are not of sufficient site, if there are too few cashiers, or if there are not ample seats. As Table 8 illustrates, a counter (35 ft) js required for every 150 to 200 seats. One to two cashiers per counter is recommended. The quantity of seats required is halfway between one-third and one-half of total patrons daily, This formula provides for the peak load in the cafeteria, which will occur during three seating periods-

It is increasingly necessaryt with the advent of modular scheduling of classes, to provide for fast pickup of food. For this reason, scramble" and other configurations should be contemplated as soon as more than one counter is required. This need not increase the quantity of counters. Sections of counters for categories of foods, such as "beverages" or "cold foods"

are arranged separately for direct and quick access.

If the scramble system incorporates parallel units, minimum distance between tray slides is 12 to 13 ft. Duplication of counter sections keeps traffic crisscross at a minimum. The scramble system is most successful in schools or any situations where people eat regularly. The palron who enters the serving area knows where he is going. The scramble layout in Fig. 1 3tt incorporates a beverage island at the center. Two sides of the island are identical.

The marketplace" unconnected "sawtooth" arrangement of the counters in Fig. 139 allows Ihe patron to skip certain sections. This layout lends itself to a serving area which is long and narrow. A wide aisle suffices; patron traffic moves quickly.

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