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Fig, 1 Elements of a firehouie.

Qosigns for Station* Figure 2 shows suggested minimum space requirements for a district fire station intended for urban or suburban service where the station is to be mainly manned by full-paid personnel. The shapa of the lot may vary with local circumstances, but it is considered very poor practice to start with a lot of inadequate size, A larger lot tends to have considerably more reuse or resale value at such time as it may be desired to add to the tire department facilities or to relocate the station.

The plan for an urban station shown in Fig. 4 provides space for two pumper companies (or a pumper company and a squad company) plus an aerial ladder or aerial platform company. Space is provided for reserve apparatus to be manned by off-shift personnel when needed. If desired, two-piece engine or truck companies can be operated out of such a station, Separate quarters with a garage are provided for the district fire chief so that he can come and go without opening up or lighting the main station and so that major apparatus can be taken out without moving the chief's car.

Unless required by the terrain or grade, a basement is not recommended under the main apparatus room as this tends to add materially to the cost. However, where the terrain makes a basement necessary, the main apparatus room may be reduced in size and a garage for reserve apparatus provided on the lower level. A basement may be desirable under the living quarters lo provide room for heating equipment. storage, and other facilities.

The apparatus area should be of modern garage-type construction, It is good practice to provide automatic sprinklers for a fire deportment station. This has training value as well as providing fire protection for a type of garage occupancy which has a rather poor fire record. The heat for Ihe garage area (where required) may be controlled by a separate thermoslal from the company quarters. Where a hose drying tower is provided (see JMFPA No, 198) it may alsu be equipped ¡is a drill tower

For a rural tire station manned chiefly by call or volunteer firemen |Fig. 5), space should be provided initially for not loss than !oui pieces of major apparatus including a pumper, water tanker, booster squad or forest fire truck, and a reserve pumper or second tanker, Often a rescue truck or ambulance also must be housed. Far too many rural fire departments have quickly outgrown their stations and have been forced lo leave part of their apparatus outside or in a private garage where it is not readily available for use or under close lire department supervision.

Adequate meeting room space is needed, with proper eiril facilities Tho slation should be located on a plot large enough to permit doubting the apparatus room when the department grows end to provide future office space training area and parking 110'* 180'


fire station

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