Architecture Space Requirements

Fig. tl Referee in bankruptcy

Fig. 12 Referee in bankruptcy's suite (small installation).

Part 15. Miscellaneous Assignments

Quarters tor Visiting judges When these ere required, the spaces shall be generally similar to those provided for the resident judge.

Court Reporter

Duties and Location The court reporter makes the official verbatim record of the court proceedings and furnishes transcripts when required. His office may be located anywhere in the building Refer to Fig. 13-

Components and Furniture Thu reporter's quarters will include a general office, with file space, having a minimum area of 200 sq ft if the building has one courtroom. For each additional courtroom, odd 50 sq ft to the general office.

District Court Library

General. When there are two or more courtrooms. a general law library may be required, convenient to the judges' chambers*

Arrangement, Reading tables should be located in front of windows. When window spacing will permit, put tables in smell alcoves formed by bookwtacks as separating partitions Provide a main aisle at least 4 ft In width ax-tending the full length of the room and separal-ing the reading section from the general stack section.

and Furniture The sire ol the library will accommodate readers to be seated-

Bookstacks Legal volumes average 2 to 2% in. in thickness, 6 to 10 in. in width, and 8 to t1 in. In height Thus a stack section 3 ft long and 7 ft 3 in. high with shelves 12 in. on centers wilt store about 93 legal volumes. Stack sections are made up on single-faced wall sections and double-faced freestanding sections, which must be arranged in rows with the range isles, 2 ft 6 in wide, and accessible from the main aisle

Fig. 13 Court reportera' offices.

Heading Tab to s people.

Each of these seals four

Press Room The location may be at any place In the building. Telephone booths with coin telephones will be installed This room for news reporters may be required in buildings with two or more courtrooms. The minimum area of the room shall be 200 sg ft


Jurisdiction The circuit court of appeals and the Court of Appeals for the District of Colum-bis are the mtermediate fédéral appellate courts, each having the power to review the décisions of the district courts within ils judi-cinl circuit and the ordara and décisions of certain federal boards, commissions, and other regulatory agencies. There are ten judicial circuits, each composed of several states- The District ol Columbia is a separate jurisdiction-There may be several places of holding court within each judicial circuit, but each circuit court of appeals has a headquarters court within its circuit

Spaces Required A courtroom with its auxiliary facilities, and spaces for each of the following will be required el each court;

Circuit judges (throe or more)

Clerk of the court


Marshal (only if court is in the District of Columbia)

Location The location of the circuit court within the building, and the relationship of its rooms, is determined by the same conditions that govern in the case of the district court, Refer to Figs. 14 and f&,

Part 2. Courtroom

Dimensions The minimum size of the courtroom shall be 307 ft in width by 50 ft in Inngth; the ceiling height should be in proportion to the size of the room and be designed to meet the requirements of good illumination, ventilation or air conditioning, and acoustics.

judges chavfl fk j if does chambers

secretary law cltrk library

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