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ator for gross tissue storage and a ait-down counter with sink-

For processing specimens and mixing solutions, a stand-up counter with sink, under-counter cabinets for equipment, and wall cabinets for chemicals and reagents are usually sufficient. For embedding procedures, an island bench ol stand-up height with paraffin oven at or near one end should be provided.

Cabinets with drawers for paraffin molds and mounting blocks and for fifing embedments in frequent use should be provided. A storage room for embedments and for fixed gross tissue specimens not frequently used should be provided in the general storage area of the building. Glazed partitions may be installed to separate sectioning and mounting activities from the staining procedures.

Sectioning and mounting activities require sit-down counters with knee spece and drawers for storing slides and equipment. Counters for tissue staining and stain mixing should be of sit-down height. Each work position should have a sink, knee space, cabinets for equipment, and chemical storage. For

" Sea deportments of anatomy, microbiology, and pathology

Cadaver Preparation and Storage The unit should be so located and designed that no unauthorised persons may enter Its location relative to the dissecting and autopsy rooms should not require transportation through any public areas It should be located at grade with a receiving entrance accessible to a low loading platform. Where design permits, the platform may also serve the animal-receiving entrance.

The mortician's work area or embalming room should permit working on all sides of the embalming table and handling by stretcher cort, portable lift, or other means, An embalming table with built-in sink at one end is generally preferred. A combination instrument ond scrub sink with knee- or foot-operated valva, service sink, end a floor drain should be provided. Floor and wait materials should be washable.

A connected storage room tor supplies and equipment is necessary Shower and dressing facilities for use of the mortician should be provided. A mortician's office should be adjacent to the area.

Cadaver storage should be adjacent to ihe embalming room, There ere several methods of storing cadavers, some more demanding of space than others. An efficient method ia storage on individual tray shelves on both sides of a service aisle, Thirty-five tray positions are usually adequate for a school with a 64-

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