" The figuies used here include Ml area ol working surface if any; 12) area occupied by chair, 131 area used for direct access to the accommodations, and 141 reasonable share of all the assignable space used for main aisles in the room under consider at ion.

I' These chairs if in pairs should be separated by a small table lo prevent congestion and to hold books not in use ( Large lounge choirs are expensive, space-consuming, and an aid to slumber fiaiely recommended <1 Individual tables are space consuming, ere generally disorderly in appearance because they are easily moved, and result in a restless atmosphere fiom traffic on all sides, Not recommended except along a wall or screen

1 Tables for four are the largest ones recommended, unless pressure for additional capacity is great 'Tables for more than four ere space savers, but few readers like to sit with someone on each side They will avoid using them as fai as possible.

wIndividual carrels aie economical in use of space if placed at right angles to a wall, adiacent lo an aisle thai must be pro vided under any circumstances They reduce visual detraction if partitions 52 in or more in height are provided on at least two of the four tidei. See Fig. So and d,

H Double carrel* are useful, but ihe staggered ones described below ore preferred,

1 Double daggered carrel* are ot economical of space os tobies for tour and reduce visual distraction*. See Fig. 7a,

•Triple staggered carrels ore a* economical of space os loble* for iix or more and reduce visual distraction. * Double rows ot carrels ore economical in space use and reduce visual distraction. See Fig. 6.

help. Fig. 4b shows a closed carrel wilh a door.

3. Single carrels in place of a stack section at the end of a book range. (See Fig. 1 />.J As far as space use is concerned, this is the most economical woy to provide a seating accommodation, and it gives a great deal of seclusion, which many readers want, ft presents four problems« however, as follows;

a. The space from front to back is limited to the distance between range centers, which in some coses is minimal b. Unless the table top is specially designed to occupy the full depth of the double-faced range, as shown in Fig. 3, it may be difficult to get into the cheir because the table top will jut out into the aisle.

c. Some readers, particularly if there is no adjacent outside window, will feel too shut in for comfort.

d. Since the seal is at the end of a blind aisle, the length of the range should not be more than half that of a range with cross aisles at both ends.

4. Single seats facing a reading room or stack wall or a high partition down the center of a regular reading room table, sometimes with a high partition at the sides projecting 6 in. beyond the table top into the aisle, to cut one off from his neighbors. Thor« is no place to look out, except directly at the neighbor to the right or left when leaning back in the chair. They are not recommended, except in an open area iri groups of four where the reader can look out in at Icasl one direction, because few students enjoy facing a blank wall, unless they can look out at least a few feet on one side without seetug u neighbor close at hand. (See Fig 3.} Single carrels in a sawtooth, or what is known as a dog leg arrangement, shown in Fig. 4c, are preferable to those directly facing a wall, as the reader can look out on one side and still is protected from his neighbors. They require no additional space-

5. Double carrels in rows in a reading room

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