9. Primary group shown is one of most popular arrangements. Unit placing suggests entrance at left end. Secondary conversation unit often becomes music or game group.

10. Writing or study group at left, music or game group at right, and center primary group, need minimum passages only when room is narrow.

11, Ten persons can be comfortably seated in this type of arrangement, in which primary and secondary conversation groupings almost merge into one.

12. Arrangement designed to permit door locations on side walls rather than ends. Angled chairs (6) are small siie noted in Fig, 7, and often used in other arrangements.

13. Previous diagrams have shown schemes arranged symmetrically about centered fireplaces; on this and the following page are schemes for cases when foci cannot be centered.

15. If primary, music, and game groups are all to be contained in a small area, one must be curtailed. Here game group consists of table and only two chairs.

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