Trx Space Requirements

14. Off-center rooms often divide naturally into two parts: primary group, and other groups combined. Clearance no greater than 2' will not accommodate a major traffic lane.

Divide Architecture Diagram Space

16. In this case Hie primary conversation group is curtailed to permit inclusion of a grand piano; use of corner bench for game group may result in some loss of comfort.

17. Two smaller upholstered chairs (6), each 2'-6" * 3'-0" might be accommodated at the right of the fireplace in this room with only a slight increase in room width.

18. In a room witfi only one door the minimum traffic lane of 3'-4" needs to be increased to at least 4'-IO", which will accommodate two persons side by side, without crowding.

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19, Another example of wide entrance lanes. Placement of doors so that at least 10" is allowed between room corners and door trim will permit installation of "built-in" bookcases.

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