Fig. 9 In) X-ray unit |J0 mm), (b) Dsvalopet (TO mm).

(t) (fl Fig. 11 In] Panufamic dantal x-ray unil with controls. (b) Üontal K-ray chnir. |c) Conttols nnd ■ ray unit, (d) Unnial » ray unit Iportabto).


Fig. 12 Ham moon

Ft». 10 In) It-iay unit (14 by 17 i».). lb) X-ray cntitme hnldrsr (14 by 17 in.). 1c) Developer (rapid procsssl.

dtjplay unit. |b| Scanning

dtjplay unit. |b| Scanning

Dental Both panoramic arid apical films of the anterior incisors may be taken ai this station, (See- Fig. 11.)

Various x-ray views are taken of each breast to visualize neoplastic conditions in menopausal women, (See Fig. 12.)


This test is performed on menopausal women to determine the presence of breast tumors, which are shown by an increase in thermal level at the tumor site It is more time consuming than a mammogram, since a 'cooling down"' period of approximately 10 minutes is required (in order to obtain accurate thermal patterns of body heal emitted from the skin's surface). The screenee then sits on a stool 10 ft front the infra-red scanning camera, in which the natural thermal radiation from the breast is recorded and converted to thermal patterns on the cathode ray tube. These patterns may be photographed. Three thermograms (one AP and two oblique) and approximately five Isotherms (superimposed pictures which map thermal levels) may be taken. (See Fig 13.)

Fig, 14 (a) Compact multiple channel anaiy;er. lb! Blood count unit, (c) Centrifuge.

Fig. 15 Microscope.

Fig. 16 Jot injector.

Laboratory Tests

Blood Blood chemistry tests can be performed by means of automated multichannel analyzers using a minimum of sample. Techniques such as automatic reagent addition to sample, synchronous flow techniques, reagent-sample mixing by centrifugal force, time-controlled incubations in self-enclosed plastic packages containing chemical reagents, and automatic presentation of sample plus reagents to a colorimeter or spectrophotometer are all available at the current state of the art. Automatic sample blanks and removal of protein or other inter taring substances by dialysis can also be accomplished- There are a largo number and variety of clinical tests available in different combinations and these comprise almost all of the commonly requested chemical parameters, All multichannel devices currently available possess the capability of interfacing to computers either directly or indirectly (paper or magnetic tape, data cards, etc.) and independently produce bar chart or printed output.

CBC (complete blood count) and STS (serological test for syphilis) should be done on all specimens. Automated equipment is available for both of these tests The blood sample may also be checked tor the presence of the rheumatoid factor (indicative of rheumatoid arthritis) by means of latex fixation test. (Sua Fig. 14.)

Urinalysis The urine specimen is obtained in the unit. Toilet facilities may be provided near the lab. It should be tested for color, specific gravity, pH, sugar, albumin, acetone, and bacteria.

Parasite Detection Depending on the needs of the screening group and the geographical location, tests to detect parasites may be necessary. Gross examinations of the feces may reveal the presence of worms; however, a microscopic examination may be necessary to detect parasite eggs ontl small worms- (See Fig. t 5.)


Space may be provided for administering immunizations against communicable diseases

Fig. 17 1*1 ^lamination light, lb) Examination table. Icl Staat. |d) Vaginal spBculum. |e) Examination table If] Pi not ose 0)1 as. sigmoiriotcopes, hatten box toi light.

Fig. 17 1*1 ^lamination light, lb) Examination table. Icl Staat. |d) Vaginal spBculum. |e) Examination table If] Pi not ose 0)1 as. sigmoiriotcopes, hatten box toi light.

Fig. 19 Achillas redox meint

Fig. 19 Pi assure taleianco set.


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