Fig, 5 Open carrel* along a wall or a partition at leatt 52 in+ high, (a) Carrels along a wall all facing the tame way. (Recommended.) (b) Carrel* along a wall in pair». (Poisible, but they back up lo each other unpleaiantly.) (e) Carreli focing a wall (Net recommended. If »here are tide partition», reoder ha* "blinder*," If he lean* back, hi* neighbor is clo*e a* hand.) (d) Carrel elevation to ihow desirable heigh* of partition* to prevent viiual distraction. The left-hand carrel show* a rounded type of con it ruction and the right-hand one a *quaro type.

separated by partitions which are at least 52 in. in height in the front and on one side of the working area. Partitions in front can be held down to no more than 3 to 10 in. above the table top because a full view of one's neighbor all the time is less distracting than a head bobbing up and down occasionally; but 52 in. above the floor is preferable. (Fig. 5</.)

6. Double carrels in rows in place ol two stack ranges. A size ol 33 by 22 in- can be used in place of two stack ranges when ranges are 4 It 3 in. on centers. A size of 36 by 22 in. can be used comfortably with ranges 4 ft 6 in on centers, By placing one or both end pairs at right angles to the others, the carrel range and the stack range length can be made to match with table tops and distances between centers of standard size. (See Fig. 6.)

1. Double-staggered carrels with the adja cent table tops overlapping by one-half their depth, placed along walls, with 4'/? ft minimum on centers and 5 ft preferred.

8. "Pmwbeel groups of four carrels, preferably in a reading alcove. It the utcove is 12 by 12 ft in the clear, table tops 22 by 36 in. are recommended, with partitions at least 52 in. in height, which extend 6 in. beyond the end of each table- Shelves are ordinarily not recommended for these cases, particularly if the table top is less than 27 in. deep.

This arrangement fits perfectly in a 27-ft column spacing with two alcoves to a bay. If the module size is 25 ft 6 in., the spAce in each alcove will be reduced a total of 9 in., and one of the shelf sections will be only 27 in. It can be used for shorter shelves or sel up as wall space for a bulletin board or for a picture or other decoration.

It ventilation is adequate, alcoves can be partially closed in on the fourth side by a single or double-leced book section, which may help to use space to advantage and make possible the beat utilization of the available bay size The main aisle between double rows of alcoves can be as narrow as ft (See Fig 86 and C.)

Pin wheel groups have been successful in large reading areas, but they tend to give an impression of disorderliness when not in an alcove.

9 Carrels in alcoves with tables for four installed with 52-in,-high partitions in each direction. These alcoves may be as little as 9 ft deep and 11 ft 3 in, to 12 ft wide in the clear, With a 25 ft 6 in. bay and 4 ft 6 in, main aisle, an unusually large capacity is possible. (See Fig 8b and c ) With a 27 ft bay, the space utilization is still good, and the main aisle can be widened to 6 ft.

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