' For total net area foi multidiscipline laboratories see Table 7. 1 For central storage areas, see Table 6

research laboratories will, in many instances, be similar in equipment and design to laboratories in other basic sciences. However, laboratories used for bacteriological and virus research hove additional requirements. Glassware of an unusually large sire is often used-One sink in each laboratory should be sited to wash this glassware.

Separate animal rooms are provided in tho microbiology department to prevent cross-contamination. If highly contagious material is to be hondlod, a vestibule moy be needed at the entrance to microbiology animal rooms to permit the attendant to change clothes and shoes to reduce infection and cross-contamination.

Electron Microscopy Facilities for this purpose would be similar to those described for the department of anatomy.

Mailt a Preparation. Media preparation areas should be adjacent to teaching areas and designed to eliminate through traffic to prevent drafts and the introduction of contaminating organisms- A media kitchen requires a range, or portable hot plates on a counter 37 in. high, for cooking tho material. Counter-top sinks and cabinets with drawers ranging in width from 6 in. to 2 ft 6 in, and wall cabinets with shelves lor storage arc desirable. Counters should hove air* gas, vacuum, and electrical outlets Distilled water should bo piped to one location over a sink and distributed in carboys-After the unsterile liquid culture media has been prepared in bulk quantities, it is dispensed into tost tubes or plates. This requires counter space simitar to the media kitchen, including wall and base cabinets and service outlets.

An autoclave is required for sterilizing prepared culture media after it is poured into previously sterilized petri dishes, A flushing-rim sink near tho autoclave is desirable for disposal of spoiled media

The issue room will contain glassware and equipment storage, shelving and cabinets for glassware and equipment, and an issue window opening into the laboratory.

Glassware Washing and Storage If this is to be done as a central unit for the department, it should be divided into sterilizing, sterile storage, glassware washing, and clean glass storage.

An autoclave to sterilize glassware prior to washing, a sink and drainboard area¬ę and space for chemical jars and for soaking extra dirty glassware are required. Commercial glass


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