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Court Elevation and Sec+ioo

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Area of a typical floor may affect costs, For example, pouring of a typical tier in a east-in-place concrete building is a continuous process and requires a full concrete crew throughout. The area of a typical floor or part thereof should be such as to efficiently utilize the day's productivity of a concrete crew. Similar analysis and considerations should be applied to other building techniques or systems.

Building Height

The cost of a building may be affected by building height. A building may be of such height that it exceeds prevailing capacities in terms of available construction equipment and contractor experience- In addition to considerations of what Is possible, there are considerations of what is practical and efficient from a cost standpoint. Of the various mechanical systems which serve an apartment building, each has various increments and "step-up" points. For example, there is a situation such that the addition of a single extra floor could require a substantial increase in elevator service either through an additional elevator or an expensive increase in elevator speed Similar situations exist for heating, cooling, plumbing, and ventilating systems, and opinions of the various consultants in these areas should be solicited.

Length and Width

Additional costs resulting from an increase of building length or width are generally proportionate to increase in area, However, as with other such items, there are step-up points at which there are disproportionately large increases in cost for slight dimensional increases.

Wind Bracing

Wind bracing becomes a structural design consideration in buildings beyond the 10 to 12 story range, and one must then consider measures which may be introduced to resist the overturning tendency due to wind loads. Wind bracing may be achieved by introduction of various structural measures, The extent and, therefore, the expense of these measures may be reduced if the building shape itself contributes to wind bracing. As the diagrams (Fig. 10) indicate, certain building shapes obviously have a greater inherent resistance to overturning.

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