25. In rooms with fireplaces in ertd walls, as in the schemes immediately preceding, furniture arrangements often fall naturally into two distinct groups.

27, In this scheme, by placing the sofa on the long axis opposite the fireplace, furniture is held together as a single unit. There are two obvious positions for an entrance door. It is possible to back the sofa against a group of windows.

29. Here the left side and end opposite the fireplace are available for doors. Piano should, if possible, be placed against an inside wall.

26. One of the two groups may be adopted for dining, eliminating need for a separate dining room. Minimum clearance around dining table should be 3'-0".

28. Sacking the primary * group furniture against walls eliminates passage behind them and reduces room width to a minimum.

30. Placing the sofa against one side of the room tends to open up the primary group— in effect, to merge with it the secon -dary conversation -group furniture.

31. The entire area may be treated as a single unit, all furniture being brought into the principal group.

33. By interchanging the positions of the fireplace furniture in Fig. 32, a grand piano can be accommodated.

35. Type of sofa shown is becoming increasingly popular. Chairs (6) may be units which can be added to sofa, if desired.

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