additional amount

elevation free-standing range elevation free-standing range


elevation plan built-in cooking unit

C D2

2'6" rnin clearance between top ot range and bottom of unprotected wood or metal cabinet.

or—2 0 min. when bottom of wood or metal cabinet is protected

2 0 mm. when hood projection "X" is 18" or more.

or—110" mm when hood projection X is less than 18

Not less than width of range or cooking unit

10" min. when vertical side surface extends above countertops.

When range is not provided by builder, 40 mm

Min. clearance shall be not less than 3'

'cabinet protection shall be at least V* asbestos millboard covered with not less than 28 ga sheet metal (.015 slainless steel, .024 aluminum, or 020 copper) ^clearance for D. E, or F shall be not less than listed UL or AGA clearances

Kitchen Storage

Each Kitchen or kitchenette shall have: (1) accessible storage space for food and utensils: (2) sufficient space for the average kitchen accessories: (3) sufficient storage space tor those items of household equipment normally used and for which storage is not elsewhere provided

shelving that does not project past 60 may be included as required shelving

28 min.—sink 15 min—other range—see detail of previous figure shelving—note #1

depth (inches)

Height. Depth, and Spacing of Shelving and Countertop min spacing (inches)

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