Fig. 131 Snack bat. serving. and dishwashing rj

Fig. 131 Snack bat. serving. and dishwashing

apples, and cookies, as does the small unit in Fig. 131. Some serve soft drinks. The second or third counter in some high schools is an "a la carte" service of prepared sandwiches, packaged snacks, and bakery and soda fountain items (see Fig. 132).

Clean dishes are needed at the serving station; the serving station is adjacent lo the cafeteria. Soiled trays and dishes from the cafeteria are usually deposited by student customers at the dishroom. This cycle establishes the location of dishwashing as "adjacent to cafeteria and adjacent to serving," as shown in Figs. 118 and 119.

Large cafeterias utilize conveyor belts because these permit multiple and simultaneous deposit of trays. Figure 133 shows a belt bringing soiled trays from the student and faculty dining rooms to join trays from a third dining room for scraping near ihe feed end of the dishwasher, The baffle wall between the conveyor and dishroom in Fig. 134 screens that room's activities and sounds from the dining area. Ample dish- and tray-scraping table, disposer, and shelf space can be provided whether or not a conveyor is used-

Flight-type dishwashing machines are commonly employed for patronage numbers as small as 1,000, although conveyor models function efficiently for programs of more than t ,000 people- This choice depends upon many factors. such as the amount of ware to be stored


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