Kitchen Personnel And Their Functions

■ Chef de cuisine (kitchen chef) is responsible for purchase of goods, cost control, setting up the menu, and supervision of personnel and hygiene in the kitchen area.

• Sous-chef (kitchen chef's assistant) represents the kitchen chef In his absence; in a targe organization, he takes over some of the chef's duties,

• Saucier (sauce cook) prepares all sauces and the meals that go with them, as well as all fish dishes (although in large organizations there is a poissonier); he is responsible for the work at the kitchen range, and in medium-sized establishments he assumes the functions of the chef's asslsant.

« Rôtisseur (roast, fry, and grill cook| tn large restaurants, there is, in addition, a grilladtn.

■ Entremetier (soup, vegetable, and side-dish cook)

In large restaurants a potagier prepares soups and broths.

• Garde-manger supplies the ready-to-cut meat and fish preparation, the cold oppetizers, hors d'oeuvres, and salads. In large restaurants, this work is divided between the hors d'oeuvrier (appetizer cook) and the boucher (butcher].

■ Pâtissier makes cookies, cakes, îce cream, and other desserts; in large restaurants, the work is divided among the glacier (ice cream maker), confiseur (fine pastry cook), and boulanger (baker of bread, rolls, and other baked goods),

■ Commis (junior cook) is available to chefs of sections.

• Salad man or girl produces and serves various kinds of salads and in some restaurants is responsible for the smorgasbord (hors d'oeuvres] and is subordinate to the gardemanger,

• Casserolier cleans, cares for, and services all pans, cooking equipment, and kitchen machines.

• Kitchen boy cleans the kitchen, helps with the preparation of dishes, and has other duties.

• Contrôleur is in charge of supplies, controls their placement and storage, and does the inventory bookkeeping.

« Gouvernante accepts goods, exercises control, supervises the économat, dry storage, linen, and cleaning materials, and hands out staples,

« In European restaurants, the bar lady is responsible for all beverages and often is the representative for the management, and, in smaller restaurants, oversees the waiters.

• Argentier rs responsible for the care of silver.

Fig, I Hotel or restaurant kitchen or French restaurant of high standard. Capacity for main meal»: Hotel—100-200 portons/menu, 100 persons/à to carte. Restaurant—200-300 persons / mealtime from 11:30 to 1:30. Waiters' passageway: tangential. Kitchen: Linear arrangement with large installations in the rear. See Legend for explanation of numbers.

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