Because kitchens Are potentially as dangerous as bathrooms, equal care should be given to their layout and design. In locating the kitchen in the plan, provide easy access to the outside and direct access to the dining space, which could be a portion of the living room. In some plans, space can be provided in the kitchens for dining. In these cases, however, an additional 20 to 40 sq ft are necessary. Interior locations are acceptable if mechanical ventilation is provided.

Do not plan extremely compact kitchens for older people; they desire and need ample work space. If the kitchen is too compact, storage space is limited and much of it ia either too high or too low to be reached comfortably. Shelves should be no higher than 68 in. from tho floor, and no lower than 12 in. Too little counter space leads to crowded work surfaces, which in turn can create haiardous working conditions.

Clearance between facing equipment and counters should be a minimum of 3 ft for one person. To permit two people to work and pass each other, the between-counter clearance should be 4V* ft.

Equipment should be electric for greatest safety and should be arranged for maximum efficiency. Ranges should be provided with front rather than back controls. Heating elements should visibly glow whan hot In placing the range, consider allowing extra space for ease in maktng minor repairs and cleaning, A wall oven set at waist height is desirable. Although refrigerators need not be larger than a 6 or 7 cu ft capacity, they should have a large freezing compartment and should be self-defrosting. Do not place the refrigerator too low —as under a counter. In choosing the con ventional type of refrigerator, consider the amount of stooping and reaching that will be necessary.

Double sinks or sink-and-tray combinations should be provided to facilitate hand laundering. Consideration should be given to the provision of complete laundry facilities, particularly in projects If full laundry facilities are not possible, at least drying racks should be provided.

Storage spaces should be arranged as nearly as possible so that the bulk of the regular-use items can be stored between 27 and 63 in, from the floor. Ideally, stored items should be visible as well as physically accessible. Storage spaces over ranges and refrigerators should be avoided Sliding cabinet doors are preferable to swinging doors.

Provide adequate lighting over all work surfaces; provide an exhaust fan to assure adequate ventilation and to carry out cooking odors; select floors or floor coverings that will

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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