Laundering includes a host of tasks— collecting ond sorting dirty clothes, pretreating, washing, drying, sprinkling ond ironing—oil of which are tiring, for they require a greot deal of stooping, lifting, and carrying. To reduce the amount of effort required, a laundry center (either separate or combined with another areo} should be carefully planned Some bosic planning considerations are at follows: Arrangement

The sequence of laundering operations should determine the planning of space and facilities and the placing of equipment.

Traffic lanes

With automatic equipment, many families now wash clothes three or four days a week. Therefore, laundering should not be done in any of the congested areas of the house. Passageways should be at least 4 ft wide. If the laundry area adjoins the kitchen, there should be a barrier of some type, ot least a counter, between the two areas.

Equipment and facilities

To reduce the amount of effort required, a laundry center should have a sorting table, a heating surface (such as a hot plate), and storage facilities for soiled clothes, washing supplies, and baskets, as well as a washing machine, dryer, and Ironing board; some may also have ironers. A laundry tray (usually a 14-in,-deep porcelain enamal sink} is desirable for pre-woshing, soaking, or starching same items.


The space should be dry, heated, ond well lighted, with sufficient electrical outlets, properly locoted. The space should be ventilated to remove moisture and odors.


Laundry centers today can be more conveniently located because of the compactness of automatic washers and dryers and the elimination of much of the dampness and disorder formerly associated with household washing. Although many locations are possible (such as the kitchen, bath, separate laundry room, or utility room), the laundry center should be accessible both to the work areas of the house (since frequent trips to and from them may be required during any of the laundering processes] and to outdoor summer drying areas.

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