1. Desk, 30 by 40 in., single pedestsl

2. Filinf cabinet, letter liie

4. Staining link 5- Cup link

6. Analytic*] balance

8. Cabinets with «djuiUbl* ■helve«, below counter

9. Electric atrip outlet«, continuous

10. Bookcase

11. Utility »ink

15, Gaa outlet

13. Table for magazine*

14, Suction outlet

16. Compressed air outlet

16. Table for instruments

17. Straight chair 3 8, Stool

19. Two -compartment sink 8-»n. deep; drainboards-noncorrosive metal; peg boards above dralnboard*

20. Cabinet with traah receptacle on inside of door

21. Utility cart

22. Laboratory pressure sterilizer

23. Hot air oven

24. Incubator

26. Shelf or table for analytical balance 26. Centrifuge

27. Table for Harvard trip balance

Waste paper receptacle 2». Refrigerator. 8 eu. ft. 3(1. Refrigerator, blood bank

31. Worktable

32. Micro-hematocrit centrifuge

33. Examination table

34. Lavatory

36. Basal metabolism apparatus

36- Electrocardiograph

37 Hook strip

39- Storage cabinet«

41. Adult scale

42. Fume hood

43. Double-pedestal oflce desk

44. Office chair, swivel, with arms

46. Noncorrosive metal work surface; pitch to sink 4«. Typewriter desk

47. Poature chair

48. Technicians' lockers

49. Specimen receiving table

50- Request file with pigeon holes SI. Slide file cabinet 62. Microscope table 53. Exhauat hood

54. Eaay chair

66, Wall-hung water cloaet

66. Paper towel dispenser

6«. Emergency call station (push button) connected to buster at secretary's desk

59, Telephone outlet

60, Interconynunicatiorv system outlet

61, Buxxer at receptionist's desk from emergency calling stations

62- Hook on toilet-side of door

63, Fire extinguisher

64. Pass-through between toilet and laboratory 66, Exhaust air grills near floor

66. Wall cabinet

67. Refrigerator, 11 co. ft,

68. Pipette washer

69. Shelf, for pipette washer, 10 in. above floor

70. Folding door

71. Table for electrocardiograph

72. Window

73. Curtain

74. Sink with electric waste disposal

75. Carbon dioxide cylinder

76. Gaa cylinders under table 77- Shelf for urine bottle* )

78. Drawers with adjustable shelves, below counter

Fig. 1 (a) Plan A (70,000 to 120,000 teiti annually) for average size of 150 to 200 beds, (b) Plan B (40.000 to 75,000 tests annually) far average size of 100 la 150 beds, (c) Plan C {20,000 to 30,000 tests annually) for leu than 100 beds.


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