1. Bassinet with cabinet, pull-out shelf below, on 3-inch ball-boaringr casters, with wheel lock

2. Recking chair with armrests, washable finish

3. Utility table, 16 by 20 inches, with top drawer to hold infant scales

4. Lavatory, IB by 22 inches, with gooseneck spout, knee or foot controls, shelf over

5. Waste receptacle, foot-controlled cover, removable waxed liner

6. Soiled diaper receptacle, foot-Controlled cover, removable waxed liner

7. Soiled linen hamper on 3-inch ballbearing casters, removable waxed liner, foot-con trolled cover

Fig. 3 D*tail plant lot tht» lypol of nunariai.

8. Paper towel dispenser, enclosed type

9, Treatment table, 24 by 36 by 36 inches high, on 3-inch ball-bearing casters, with wheel lock

10. Nurse's desk, 30 inches high 10A. Chart rack

] 1. Telephone outlet

12. Office chair, swivel, without arms

13, Hooks trip

1J. Sink with gooseneck »pout, knee or foot controls, in counter 36 inches high, open below

16. Double compartment sink with gooseneck spout, knee or foot controls, in counter 36 inches high

16. Bottle warmer on portable carriage

17. Wall cabinet

IB. Incubator, on 3-inch ball-bearing casters, with wheel Lock l!t, Rcfrigci alar, with built-in thermometer 20. Double oxygen outlet, one for each four full-term- or each two premature—bassinets Zt. Shelves rthreel, starting 12 inches iiiiove floor, for clean gowns, supplies 22. Cubicle partition, starting 30

inches above floor, with 2-foot-high clear glass or lucite panel, walland ceiling-hung metal frame £3. Clear wire-glass view panel in steel frame, 1,296 square inches maximum, bottom 42 inches above floor

24. Clear plate-glass or lucite view panel, bottom 42 inches above floor

25. Hand-wind clock, desk type

26. Electric clock

27. Door with upper panel of wire glass 2H. Door with upper panel of clear glass


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