Living Areas

Planning Caniideratiam

■ Through traffic should be separated from octivity centers.

■ Openings should be located so as to give enough wait space For various furniture arrangements,

. Convenient access should he provided to doors, windows, electric outlets, thermostats, ond supply grills.

Furnitürfl Clearances

To assure odequate space for convenient use of furniture- in the living area, not less than the following clearances should be observed.

60 in between Facing seating 24 in where circulation occurs between furniture

30 in for use af desli 36 in far main traffic

60 in between television set and seating

Seating arranged around o 10 ft diameter circle (Fig 11 makes a comfortable grouping for conver sation. Figure 2 indicóles clearances, circulation, and conversation areas.

To sleeping area and maln ent ranee

30" to use desk

30" to use desk

10' diam. conversât ion area

To dining and ki tchen area

Fig. 1 Plan. Source: "AAqnuai of Acceptable Practices." Vol. U.S. Oept. of Housing and Urban Development, 1973.
Fig. 2 Minimum clearances, circulation orsd conversation areas for living rooms.

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