Living Roomfurniture Sizes And Clearances

Space in the small house for general living activities must often serve a wide variety of functions. Thus, furniture can add greatly to the usefulness of living area if it is adaptable in type and size to a number of different purposes.

Accompanying data give a working basis for providing sufficient space for generol living activj ties. Dimensional information includes only a few of many available sizes and types of furniture. Dimensions of groups refer to clearances necessary for comfortable and convenient use.

Necessary planning considerations include: provision of adequate floor and wall space for furniture groupings,- segregation of traffic way s from centers of activities,- ease of access; and a maximum of flexibility.

Doors in constant use should be placed so that traffic between them will not interfere with furniture groups.

Flexibility implies the varying uses to which space may be put. The lounging group at the right, for instance, requires approximately the same floor space as the card-playing group; the sofa, below, may be a convertible bed. Thus, functions of other areas—such as recreation, sleeping, dining and even storage—may be applicable equally to living rooms,

F: ^

2'-8" to 3'-&" deep 6'-0" to ?'-2" long Love Seats: T O" to 2'-10" deep 3<-6" to 4'- 6" long End Tables (A): 10" to l'-2" wide I ' 6" to 3'0" long Occasional Tables (C): 2'-0" to 2'A" square, round, oval, draw-hop, etc.

2'-b" to 3'-0" square: folding type I'/j" thick folded (average)

Sid* Chain:

Deiks, Sloping

3'-0" to 3'-8" I '■!>" to 2'-Q" Writing Deiks: 2'-8" to 3'-i" i'-b" to t-V' Sac re tarier: 3' 0" to 5'-0"


wide deep wide deep wide daap

Convertible Sofa-Badi (G): 2'1" to 3'-3" deap, 6'-2" io b' B" long Livlng Room Tablej (F): l'fi" to 3'-0" wide. 3'-i" to 10'-0" long E*ty Chairt: Wing, 2'-4" to 2'-10" Square: Club. 2'-4" to 3'3" 3'-9" Square Book Caset (D): 2'-b" to 3'-0" wide, 10" to 12" deep

Double Bed Studio Couch

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