Fig. IS Space orientation.



Fig. 14 Sun orientation.


One table (l'-ô" x 2'-6") for sewing or other work (optional) Two night stands (1'-6W x l'-6w) One portable television set

Where both bedrooms of a dwelling unit are primary (as in unrelated occupancy), the above requirements apply to both.

Twtn beds should be passible even in the bed-roam of a unît programmed for single-person occupancy.

A secondary bedroom for single occupancy should have circulation space and accommodate furniture of the following sizes:

One twin bed (3%3W x à'-à") One dresser (l'-6" x 3'-6") One chair (l'-6" x V-6") One night stand x V-6")

The location of doors, windows, and closets should be planned to allow for the best placement of the bed and other furniture.

The closet should be placed next to the door into the bedroom because the use of available wall space is minimized in this way (Fig, 16).

For reasonable access to and use of bedroom furniture and equipment, the following minimum clearances should be observed;

42" at one side or foot of bed, for dressing 24" clearance for least used side of double bed

6" clearance from side of bed to side of dresser or chest of drawers 36" clearance in front of dresser, closet, or chest of drawers 30" clearance for major circulation path (door to closet, etc.) 24" clearance between twin beds 18M clearance between twin bed and wall for ease of bed making it should not be necessary to move beds in order to make them up, Bedrooms should be sufficiently

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