Medium Size Group Facilities

LARGE GROUP FACILITIES Fig, 51 Warren H. Ashley, Architect


CQA/T. ALUM c mode for book a, audio-visual equipment, recorders, television, tack space, and writing surfaces.

Many communities are building a self-contained classroom in elementary schools, This room requires facilities for teaching various subjects, such as English, mathematics, reading, arts and crafts, music, social studies, and science. This area is used exclusively by one group of pupils. Other schools provide certain facilities in special areas for use by numerous classroom groups. This design, however, may limit the program because it becomes necessary for groups to conform to a time schedule.

The elementary classroom will require storage for such items as science projects and equipment, reference books, paints, paper, posters, maps, globes, coats, boots, audiovisual equipment, records, lunches, and small playground equipment. For kindergarten and primary grades, toilets and coat storage areas located in or adjacent to the classroom are convenient for the teacher to assist the smaller children. Central toilet facilities should be pro-


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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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