Min Space Needeo Under Counter Or Desk

81.3 cm

The inclined section of a ramp shall not ii 30 [9.14 m] in length. At bath ends of i 30' [9.14 m] (or smaller] section and at each paint shall be a level area of at least - S3 cm] in length and the width of the ramp.

in modifying existing spaces: If an y*o to be ramped has o vertical drop of 3" [7-6 cir or less and is situated either in an open area or at a door with no dosing-device pressure, a gradient of not greater than 1 4 (25%) thai be used.

m Modifying Existing Spaces If an area to be ^omped has a vertical drop of 2" |5,1 cm] less and is situoted at a door with a closing ce pressure, then a gradient of not greater t*an 1 6 [16.66%) shall be used.

tn New Construction Any verticai drop over i " (1.27 cmj shall be ramped using a gradient ■of greater than }:\2 (8.33%J and preferably 16 (6.25 %) where feasible. (See Fig, 9,)


"lï" IMficml'

(*tH AREA/ .iBTHJNr [7 8cm] VÏRT DftW

' 13' iMitmlM.i tHAUPf 0 on one SlOf OHIYI


13" [30.5 cml WAX

152 •»« cm «>»

103 cm

t. Column Spacing

A. Stack Areas No one size is perfect for column sizes or column spacing.

Other things being equal, the larger the bay size, the better

Column spacing that is, the distance between column centers is generally more important in concentrated stack areas than in combined stack and reading areas because in the latter suitable adjustments are easier to make.

Clear space between columns —this is not the space between column centers —in a column range should preferably be a multiple of 3 ft (plus an additional 4 in- to provide for irregularities in the column sizes and for the end uprights in the range).

Range spacing and range lengths have a greater effect on book capacity than the distance between columns in a column range. The reduction of space between range centers by 1 in, increases book capacity by approximately 2 percent. The reduction of space used for cross

Librariet aisles at right angles to the ranges is also of importance. (See Fig. 10.)

If practicable, columns should be no greater than 14 in, in the direction of a range, and the dimension in the other direction should be kept down to 18 in. If over 14 in. in the direction of the range is necessary, the column might almost as well be 32 in. in that direction. It could then occupy ihe space of a full stack section and perhaps enclose a heating duct If a column is wider than the range, it will jut into the stack aisle. Irregular length stack sections are inconvenient, and can often be replaced to advantage by a lectern or consultation table.

Tables 1 and 2 deal with standard layouts in commonly used module sizes.

The following comments may be useful in connection with Tables 1 and 2.

1. Spacing 3 ft 9 in. or less should be used for closed-access storage only, with ranges not more than 30 ft long and not more than 18 in. deep.

2. Spacing 3 ft 9 in. to 4 ft 1 in, can be used to advantage for large, little used, limitad-ac-

TABLE I Square Module* with the Column Spacing a Multiple of 3 ft (Plu» m ft for the Column Itself)*

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