Minimum And Normal Standards For Youth Hostels

(adopted at the 28th Conference of the International Youth Hostel Federation, 1970)

Minimum Standards (Obligatory)

Every Youth Hostel must provide:

• Supervision by a warden or other suitable adult person who shall be responsible for the well-being of the person using the hostel.

• Separate dormitories for men and women, with separate entrances (but family rooms may be offered for parents with young children]. Dormitories must be equipped with beds, each with a mattress, a pillow, ond a sufficient number of blankets according to the climate.

• Separate sanitary installations (toilets and washing facilities) in adequate numbers for men and women, kept in clean and hygienic condition.

■ A members' kitchen, equipped with cooking stoves, pots, pans, etc., or some simple facilities for cooking meals. Facilities enabling the hostel staff ta provide meals at reasonable prices may also be provided.

• A common room, terrace, or other place (depending on the climate] in which guests can meet and get to know each other.

Additional Facilities (Optional)

Dependent upon the size and function of a youth hostel, other accommodation will be required which may include the following:

(a) A baggage room

(b) Living accommodation for staff

(c) A lockable cycle store

(d) A heated and ventilated drying room for the drying of wet clothing

(e) A kitchen in which the warden and/or staff can prepore meals for supply to the hostellers; also food stores, and facilities for catering staff

{f) A separate small room (or rooms) for leaders or instructors (g) A sick room (alternatively the leader's room can be used in the case of sickness) (hj A room in which hostellers can wash, dry, and iron clothes (Î) A room in which the warden (or hostel staff)

can launder hostel linen (j) Additional common rooms which can also be used as dining rooms and as classrooms for school parties (k) A reception office and store where the warden can receive and book in hostellers (I) Accommodation for specialist equipment as required depending on the location: ski store, boat sheds, stables, etc. In the early days of the youth hostel movement many very simple hostels were set up in whatever property was available, such as old cottages, huts, old schools, and farm buildings. This type of simple accommodation is stilt employed in many parts of the world, especially in those areas where the population is thin and there is a degree of isolation.

Minimum Workspace Requirements

Fig. 1 Diagram showing the relationship between the elements of a modern youth hostel.


Fig. 1 Diagram showing the relationship between the elements of a modern youth hostel.

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