Multiphasic Health Screening Centers

First Aid

Space for this station should be provided for the physician or HN to handle any emergencies that might arise during the screening process.

Basic Test Sequences

Basic patient flow chartH are represented in Fig 21a and b The individual health evaluation tests are grouped according to the ease and convenience of administering each one, and according to equipment size and/or similarity Functional body systems were given only secondary consideration where grouping of tests was concerned Eoch testing group is referred to as a phase, with different numbers of phases comprising a complete data collection sequence. Testing sequence was determined by convenience of arrangement and by required time intervals between phases, e g.. 20 minutes between Instilling mydriatic drops and taking the retinal photograph. Phases which are heavily outlined are those whose positi on in the dots collection sequence may not be altered because of critical interdepen dence with another phase. AM other phases may be rearranged as long as the number of phases between those marked as invariable remains constant, (See Fig 22.)

Test Durations

Individual test durations have been ostimoted. After consulting the USPHS, staff members of operational multiphasic screening units, nursing personnel, and medical literature, the following list of assumed times was compiled. Actual times will vary depending on factors such as the type of screenee, staffing pattern, and type of equipment used.

Entrance and exit for the screonees are combined, but the unit provides a separate personnel entrance. The health evaluation process consists of 16 phases. Characteristics of this unit are the separate corridors for men ond women and many separate screening stations to use during those tests which require their wearing disposable gowns. After these tests they will undergo the remainder of the test sequence together. The unit also contains a consultation room. (See Fig. 23.)

Assumed Time, Test minutes

AchilleomBtry 4

Cental exam fi

Dressing 4

Glucose 2

Health education 24

Height, weight 3-4

Immunization 4

Medical history 24

Phonocardiogram 4

Proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy 12

Psychological Questionnaire 24

Registration, 4-5

Retinal photography ... 4-5

Skinfold 1-2

Spirometry . 4

Thermography 12

Tonometry 2

Urina specimen 2-4

Venipuncture , 4

Vision 7

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