Number Of Stories

Reduction in the number of plumbing stacks is accomplished by doubling or even tripling up on each stack at each floor. Figure 1 6 shows common bathroom arid/or kitchen layouts with order-of-magnitude dimensions shown.

These dimensions, ii should be remembered, ere for rough layoul purposes only and should be verified by consultants.


Interior spaces such as bathrooms, interior kitchens, and public halls require mechanical exhausting. Figures t7 and 18 may be used as guides, in making preliminary layouts, to determine the floor area to be allocated to exhaust ducts. Figure 1 B indicates the area of exhaust and Fig. 17 shows buildup of fireproofing and finish around the area of exhaust. The ratio of dimensions should be as close to square as possible and should not exceed a ratio of 3:t.

A mechanical engineer should be consulied to determine fi nal data regarding site and Iocs-lion of duels.

Heating and Cooling

In most cases, planning and spatial layout are riot significantly influenced by heating and/or cooling units and their lines of supply. The most common exception is the case in which ducts deliver conditioned air from either a central source or a unit In the apartment. In such a case, ducts may be of such size as lo become a planning factor. Otherwise, heating or cooling units are served either by hot and/or chilled water pipes or electric conduit. Pipe risers as shown in Fig. 19 occupy a space of approximately 3 to 4 sq ft, are located at an outside wall, and generally, if possible, frun out" in two directions to serve two units at each floor It is desirable to avoid having a common riser between separate apartments.


In discussing determination of a typical floor and specific apartment layouts, the most common structural type — poured-in-place flat-plate concrete construction with repetitive typical floors —is assumed The principles of the pro-

MEl in) Spaced stairs at exterior

(b) Spaced inferior stairs

(cj Scissor stai's at core fi». IS Types i)f stairs.

Sketch showing scissor stair separation

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