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tournament court 50'x 84', two parallel practice courts: 50' x 84'

folding bleachers: gym floor-recessed 1 14 ,4 16'sec, -14 rows 812 seats "i balcony-reverse fold: 5-16'sec 15 rows = 900 seats j capacity 3,424 seats at 16" gym floor 104' x 120'.

Fin. 147 Divided avm with balcony auxiliary gyms, sealing two sides. {Four teaching stations.)

Fig. 148 Field house development, senior high school Englewood, Colo. (Perkins & Will - Wheeler & Lewis, April 15, 1957 )

Figure- 140 illustrate* a 2400-student high school physical education complex where the main activity areas develop above a base floor of lockers and auxiliary space. The result is architecturally well articulated, saves on ground coverage for more playfield space on a restricted site, allows for separate student and public access to the pool, provides on-grade access to the playfields, and clearly divides the gyms into usable components I see Fig. 150).

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms need not be the noisy, steamy, smelly, dimly lit spaces too many have been Because they are very concentrated areas of complex plumbing arid vontilation and hard wear requirements, they can be expensive to build and are too often made too minimal to properly function and be maintained.

Locker rooms are busy places for students in a hurry, dressing in never-enough room, with showering humidity, outdoor muck, and emotional pitch and pigue as added realities, A very functional plan is a must, one that thoroughly considers traffic flow, the realities of body dressing clearances, locker door swings, clothing storage, systems for towel distribution, uniform drying, end supervision and discipline. Equal concern must be given to good and durable lighting, plumbingĀ« ventilation, and finishes (see Fig. 151).


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