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T'Hi program is made up of thru® factors: patrons, menus, and operation. Particularly in this part of the Softool, the allocation and arrangement of spaces nnd the choice of fixtures must develop for specific reason« in order that the lolal design he functional.

Systems tar a School Lunch Program

Each system is a Kitchen and an arrangement for the distribution of food.

1. Conventional kitchen and adjacent cafeteria.

2- Kitchen, central to site, with adjacent and remote serving stations.

3. Kitchen, central to community, with all serving stations remote. 'Satellite" is another term lor remote.

The Conventional Kitchen a conventional k lichen and adjacent cafeteria are illustrated in Fig. t£9. This particular kitchen produces an a ia carle

Fig. 126 Home aiu, Linton High School, Sdisnectady, N.Y.

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