Fig, 3 Raleigh, North Carolina, City Hall.

The extent of facilities will depend largely on the size of the community and the size of the department. In planning pobce station facilities, several basic needs should be considered by ail cities Jail cells should be Hway from public areas, Prisoner retention for any period requires toilets, kitchen facilities, and separation of men and women prisoners. Because of the expense of cellblocks, the possibility of using county jail facilities should be investigated. Many communities contract with the county for prisoner care. This may be impractical for very large cities, but cities up to 100,000 certainly can effectively use this method of reducing police station cost. II county facilities are used, it is then necessary only to pro-


La mesa CITY council chambers mayor staff

□tv manage«^-"" councilman city attorney.

City Clerk ,

//( \\ city engineer [_i (seating arrangement! \ | councilman vLOuncilman

\ councilman fig. I cm Council Mutiny a nana« ment Li Mou, California.

la! finST LEVE.

vide a retention room or rooms with toilet facilities. Such rooms do not need to be regular cells.

The communications center should be isolated from the general public and other work areas. However, in smaller communities where it is necessary for communications personnel to act as receptionists, this is not possible. In such a case the communications section might be located in a glass enclosure with s sliding panel,

Fingerprinting, photographic, identification, ond booking area« should be located together* although not necessarily in the same room. Whore possible, a separate prisoner entrance leading directly into the area for booking should be provided, The essential element is to provide a continuous process of booking, fingerprinting, photographing, and identifying of prisoners in the same area of the building. Where possible, it is desirable to have the area near the jail or retention area,

Provide plenty of space for storage Firearms and other equipment should be stored in locked cabinets Room for confiscated, lost, and abandoned articles is necessary if such items are to he kept properly.

When patrolmen change shifts on beats it is not necessary to have a large assembly room, but it is desirable to provide space for officers to fill out reports. In large departments, the detective force will need a separate room with lineup facilitles-

ln the very large departments separate rooms lor interrogating prisoners ore neces-

lbi Second level

sary. hi the inediuiri'Si/ed deportment, the detective squad room can be used for interrogation. A separate room for the usa of prisoners and their attorneys or visitors is important when the station has facilities for housing prisoners. Finally the large city should have a courtroom near the jail or detention facilities of the police department.

The police department facilities of the Raieigh city hall are welt planned (Figs. 3«-c}. Separation is achieved by having the police department on ground level except for the detective bureau. The detective bureau is reached by a stairwell located so that the general public would not have use for it. Notice that the troffic violations division is on the second level right across from the city clerk end treasurer's office. This places money collecting in one area and vary convenient to the public. The municipal court is off the lobby on the ground level and next to the male and female lockups.

Design of the City Hell The city hall is essentially an office building, not a monument or on ornament. The building should be so designed ns to be economical in construction ond maintenance. True long-range economy is achieved by a judicious balance between original cost and maintenance cost A building with cheap materials and equipment for the soke of low first cost may be quite expensive in maintenance and replacement,

Even though the city hall should be basically functional and not a monument, originality in diisign is nol precluded.

Fig. 3 (conti Raleigh. Nortfi Carolina, City Hall.

|c} third level

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