Other Kitchen Activities

Nonworfcing areos

Nonworking areos should be segregated from working areas Avoid interruption of work areas by breakfast nooks, general storage closets, rest areas, and other areas not essential to normal food preparation activities.

Bating facilities

Most families want to eat some meals in the kitchen. Provision should be made for this, if possible, even if a separate dining room is also provided.

Child's play

In younger families, especially, there is likely to be one or more children who want to be near their mother. Provision should be made for a ploy area out from underfoot, but where adequate supervision is possible. Storage space should be provided for toys and games.

infant care

It is a well-known fact thai many kitchens are used for care of infants. If provision is not made in the bathroom for infant corĀ© and related supplies, then it should be made in tho kitchen.


Washing hands and some personal grooming frequently toke place in the

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