£. In Mill «ketch, the hall It arranged for the showing of a motion picture. The screen is a pull-down installation on the wall behind the platform. There are 28B »eats for tha viewer«. The lounge it set up for buffet refreshments (coffee, a light meat, or more) after the program in tha hall. Tha portablo serving unit from tha kitchen has been wheeled out into the lounge for direct service of hot food. Such o buffet setup could be usod with or aftar dancing, garnet, or any meeting in the hall, or for a "covered dish" meal to be enjoyed at the tables in the Fellowship Hall.

F. In this sketch, the combined hall and lounge it [«#c| set up at an MYP or Youth Club center or cantaan. In tha wall-lit hall, markings for Iarg«-ical6 r»creation (volley boll, four-square, and shuflteboard, etc.) are shown in the flooring. Table games like skittles, table golf, or Ping-Pong could be included. Recreation equipment it ttorod on the high shelf at (a) or in closet (e). The dimly lit and more intimate lounge is suitable for small-group sharing. Pull-out partitions at (b) maka several intimate boothlike groups possible. A demountable, prefab fireplace at (d) makes a larger conversation center. This and othar equipment can be stored at (d) or (b).


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