District schools

District schools and control, and Blornge of materials and equipment. Distribution of the television image may be by open or closed circuit or both; the method of transmission does not basically affect the design of the facility.

Such a unit would probably serve an entire campus, or, possibly, in the case of the large university, one or more colleges on the campus.

t —4 An institution venturing into a broad program utilizing the aids and media may well consider providing a single facility that combines all the production functions. In the long run such an approach can probably be justified from the standpoint of economy of space, equipment, and personnel, as often a single activity will support several production processes. A graphic arts studio, for example, can produce not only visuals and graphic materials for direct clessroom use but also the materials used in film production and television production. This total, more complex center is represented in Fig. 6

Projection Systems

Too frequently the hardware used in audiovisual presentations is regarded as a collection of individual items —a projector, a screen, and a Speaker - each performing its function more or less independently. A much broader concept is essential if media are to be used with maximum effectiveness- Not only these hardware items but also the seating area and the environment itself must be considered as integrated components of a system, each influenced by and depending on all of the others in producing the total effect. None of these components, even the hardware, can be selected on its merits alone.

Regardless of the projected material or method, the effectiveness of the presentation depends upon the ease with which the viewers receive the message. With any normal audience, the quality of viewing conditions is chiefly determined by four factors:

1. The appropriateness and efficiency of the projection equipment and screens

2. The quality of the projected material

3. The location of the viewer in relation to the screen

A. The visuot end auditory environment

Front and Rear Projection Before considering any of the above matters, it is important to recognize thai two different methods may be used

I- clerical and »hipping - locution of receptionist, secretaries and personnel involved in diitribution of material*.

2. film vault - tfoicge of completed film rnoter-ioli.

3. confer* nce-Jeheorta I - room» for facutty-produc-lion itoff conference«, re-Sea radii prior to recording or filming, and periodic »toff conference».

4. production staff officer,

5. recording end radio Uudio* - making of audiotapes, dubbing of sound on filim and possibly radio broadtail J ng.

6. graphic-art studio - production of graph*, chart*, '^vitualt" und some slide material* for both direct classroom ond film production u*e.

7. Hill photography. Fig. 4

9. processing - dark room* for limited developing and priming of film material*,

10. editing-ossembly - editing of motion picture* ond assembly of oil inttrwctiQnol material*.

11. previewing - »mall projection rooms far viewing incomplete o» well ai finished film material*.

, ond toilet» - located a* needed adjacent to the vorioui production area*.

13. film studio - a large, open studio for the filming of »¡lent motion picture* on which the to und may 13. later be added. The studio con be flexibly divided into filming area* by uiltig demountable flots. This will permit simultaneous filming of one or mote production*.

14. external slab - concrete *lob (possibly covered) adjacent ond accessible to the itudio far exter nal filming. It may alto be used o* a receiving platform for moteriol* token directly into the studio.

15. model ond *et ihop - production of model* ond demonstration apparats* for direct instructional or production use*, and the making of set* and 'tan for ute in the ttudio*.

16. tiorOge - a large area for ttoroge of materia U uted in the studio» or awaiting diitribution for classroom ute.

etjoipmen! receiving, »präge and maintenance, lOUrtd ttudio* - several itudio« in which both the townd ond imoge ore recorded simultaneous I y. This permit* only one production at a time per

control-engineering - glast-fronted booth* accet*-ibie to each stud To for control-engineering personnel and equipment.

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