Planning The Small Museum

The objective of Ihe proposed museum should be clearly defined, os well as the geographic region, the subject (history, natural history, or art) and extent of display and other services.

The following is an example of a suitable basic statement for a small rnuï&um:

The bo tic objective of the Museum it to collect, pre serve, study ond exhibit significant objects of the com m unity, and provide related educational fervices in order To increase public knowledge and stimulate creative activity.

This statement should have further definition by incorporating a reference to the type of collections, whether human history, natural history or art.

A good museum includes these basic functions: (1) curatorial, (2) display, (3} display preparation, {4) education. In order to realize both objectives and functions, certain facilities and spaces are essential.

There must be sufficient diversification of spaces to allow each function to be undertaken separately while at the same time combining certain activities in a single area as required for economy in a small museum. Because of the many and varied kinds of tasks which a museum has to perform, it is absolutely impossible to maintain good housekeeping and curatorial procedures without separation of functions into separate rooms. This relation between functions and physical facilities is summarized in the following.


Space required t. Curatorial Functions o. Collection, preservation, identification, documentation, study, res tor o lion, b. Storage of collections.

2. Display Function

Thematic and changing displays of selected object? and documents from the collection! arranged lo tell a itary.

3. Display Preparation Function The preparation of exhibits.

4. Educational and Public Function)

Th is term has been expanded to include all public functions.

a. Lectures, school lours, society meetings, films, and social functions.

b. Reception, information, tales, supervision of display gallery.

c. Public requirements.

5. Other Services a, Mechanical, b Janitorial.

a. Office workroom. Workshop b, Reserve Collection Room

Display Gallery

Workshop, Office-workroom a. Lecture room. Chair storage closet. Kitchenette b. Lobby

Sales and Information Counter c. Cloak room, Woshrooms a. Heating-ventilation plani b. Janitor's closet

Museum Requirements Space
The Technical Requirements of Small Museums, Raymond O, Harrison, M.RA.IC Technical Paper No, Ï, Canadian Museums Association, Ottawa, Ontario. 1966.

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