Police Stations

pantry should at least have modern sterilizing dishwashing equipment.

12. Laundry A laundry should be included in the jail, with modern-type equipment and a sterilizer for clothing and bedding.

13. Janitor's Slop Sink A janitor's slop sink should be placed in an open space large enough so that mops and cleaning gear can ba hung on rocks exposed to sun and air. This janitor's room should be well ventilated and inaccessible to prisoners.

14. Segregation Male and female prisoners must be kept entirety separate. Other segregations are necessary, such as separations of Juveniles, sentenced from unsenienced prisoners, those with crime records and disciplinary cases separated from drunkards, vagrants, traffic violators, and witnesses. Prisoners of unsound mind, contagious disease carriers, and known sex perverts must be isolated. Plans should provide close and readily maintained supervision of Ihu jail sections housing drunks, the insane, or the mentally disturbed.

16. Cells The cells should be arranged so that maximum security is provided for prisoners serving time, and these cells must be separated from those housing material witnesses The maximum number of individual cells makes possible segregation ot prisoners. Individual cells are advised for small jails where accommodations are limited. Cells for woman prisoners, whete women prisoners are rarely housed, can be used for juveniles. One celt should be capable of heavy padding for violeni prisoners and should be unfurnished.

16. Colt Furnilute Cells should be equipped with toilet, washbowl, a locker or cabinet (preferably an under-bad typo), a table, and a chair or stool. The cell beds should be metal, equipped with a clean mattress, clean sheets, mattress cover, blankets, pillow, and pillowcase. The bed should have a rigid bedspring frame bracketed to the wall. The washbowl and toilet should be prison type.

17. dormitories Dormitories should have at least 75 sq ft of floor space per prisoner, have 10 ft ceiling height, and there should be at least one toilet and one washbowl for each eight inmates or fraction thereof.

18. Tanks Tanks can be equipped with e fastened bench and open toilet and urinal for prisoners. Tanks should be limited to accommodate not more than 15 men each.

19. Floor Qtoins All the various portions of the building should contain floor drains to make it possible to flush out the floors to avoid odors.

20- Lighting It is desirable, where possible, that the prisoners living quarters be accessible to the entrance of sunlight, and the walla should be painted in light colors, Where light is dependent upon electrical fixtures, the fixtures should be (he built-in, tamperproof type with tempered plate glass front for protection of the lamp.

stations, some tub baths for women are recommended, Thermostatically controlled, con« cealad mixing valves should be provided for all showers and hoi water supply to lavatories. For flushing devices, the control should be vandalproof, pushbutton-operated, and flushing type valve adjustable for flushing time. Toilets arid urrnals should have a similar typo of pushbutton valve. Lavatories should be equipped with self-closing, pushbutton-» p-erated valves and integral supply spout and nozzle and an integral slow-draining strainer. Hand-operated valves, which are easily damaged. should not be used. Waste and vent stacks, as well as supply and exhaust duels, must be properly constructed so that the prisoners cannot use them for communication. Plumbing fixtures should be wall-mounted in the tanks and individual cells. For padded cells, a fluehlng-rlm floor drain is the only toilet fixture which con be used, and its flushing valve should be tocated in the pipe space to be operated only by supervisory personnel outside the coll.

Showers shall have vandalproof head with concealed pushbutton-operated flushing-type valve with adjustable flushing time, and, as mentioned above, all hot watar should be thermostatically controlled to prevent scalding.

22. Receiving Garage A receiving garage should be built immediately adjacent to the building or made a part of it, so that cars could drive u s in oft the street or alley directly into the garage. This garage should not be used for perking purposes but merely for the discharge of prisoners when they are brought to the police station Tho jail elevator should be in such a position as to bo easily available directly from this garage.


A. General Needs

Although a city with 3,500 or 7.000 population requires less jail space, nevertheless, space for traffic reports and courtroom is needed, and it is most important to have a one-story plan well arranged, as personnel is very limited.

The some requirements for circulation, isolation. and public and private entrances, as described for the larger cities, are equally imporiont.

The prisoner booking room, jail, and general office should be arranged so that one officer can book and supervise prisoners, handle communications, and serve the public without leaving the main office. The entrance to the jail and routing of prisoner traffic must be separate from the public area traffic. There should be an enclosed, escepeproof hallway or area for conducting prisoners from the jail to the courtroom.


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