Protective Covenants

Covenants, sometimes called deed restrictions and sometimes protective covenants, are usually drafted by the subdivider of an area to provide land use regulations for the entire area, either supplementing those of the zoning ordinance or in lieu of It. They are, or should be, recorded and made superior to the lien of any mortgage ond are intended to preserve ihe physical, economic, and esthetic qualities of the subdivision in the interests of the subdivider in aiding his development program and of the purchasers in protecting their investment. Enforcement should be delegated to a home owners or neighbor« hood association.

Protective covenants, being a contract or agreement between private parties, may include provisions which go well beyond the public health, safety and welfare provisions to which zoning regulations are limited. These may include any or all of the followingi

Architect uro/ control—Usually provides procedure for the review of designs for new construction and alterations for approval by a designated individual architect, or committee of the neighborhood

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Fig. 7. Subdivision streel types

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Fig. 7. Subdivision streel types

Courti'Hii Homing mid Home Finance Agency

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