Reading And Listening Area

Children will come, individually or together, to the reading and listening area to look ot books, to be read to by the assistant or the teacher, or to listen to a story on a tape recorder, These activities are probably more important for disadvantaged children than for children from more advanlaged homes. The typical home of the disadvantaged child might not have available sufficient kinds and quanti* ties of children's reading material, and there will probably not be a quiet, uncrowded place for the child to learn lo listen.

The reading and listening area should be a quiet place well away from the block area, art area, and housekeeping corner. The space should be well defined either by walls and dividers, by cabinets, or by » difference in ceiling height, floor elevation, lighting, or color and texture of floor or walls. This area could be elevated two or three steps above the general area, an arrangement that would convey a feeling of its being special, separate, and cozy. If elevated, It can also serve as a platform for dramatic activity, and the children can sit on the steps when they are being read to.

The roading corner requires sufficient display-shelf space for showing the front cover of each of 20 to 25 books. The highest shelf should be no more than 3 fl-6 in. from the floor —preferably 3 ft only, If the shelving

Fig. 2 Block carts. Colored silhouettes indicate storage local tons

cannot be adjusted, there should be at least 14 in. between the two shelves. Thirty-two lin ft of shelving provides enough space for books.

There should be a place to display one book and related small objects and pictures. An adjacent bulletin board adds to the display,

In addition to the bookshelves and display area, it is highly desirable to have a low shelf or table, available to as many as six children at a time, on which to place specialized learning equipment such as a cartridge tape recorder.

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