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Fig. 3 District court plan, second floor

Bailiffs Vestibule This shall have a minimum ol 40 hq ft end must accommodate n desk and one armchair.

Coat Closets - Toilets toi Men and Women Figure S shows a desirable combination of coal closets and tollel room», but a common cost closet or Hlcove and separate loilet rooms are acceptable.

Part 8, United States Attorney

Duties and Location The United States attorney represents the government in all cases, both civil and criminal, to which (he government is a party or in which it has an interest Since much of the time of the United Stale« attorney and the assistant attorneys is spent in thu courtroom, their offices should be located convenient to it, but not necessarily on the same floor.

Components The United Stales attorney has a headquarter» at some designated city in the judicial district, not necessarily the same city where the judge's headquarters are located. His suite in a courts building varies in siie in accordance with the amount of work he must handle. A typical suite, Fig. 3, will include the following

United States attorney's office Coat closet and toilet Reception room Secretary's office

Chief assistant, United States attorney s olfice Assistant. United Slates attorney s office Stenographers office (two stenos each) Conference room Visiting attorneys' room Library

Administrative assistant's office Vault

Clerks and files room

Supply room general duplicating

Storage room

United Stotes Attorney's OHice The office of the United Stales attorney shall have a minimum area of 300 sq ft.

Reception Room in large installations a public reception room, readily accessible to callers, shall be provided, It adjoins the secretary s office and should be located between the office of the United States altorney and that ol the administrative assistant. Refer to Fig, 3, The minimum area of the reception room shall be 300 sq ft. It shall be planned to seat visitors and to permit control of intercommunicating doors by the receplionist.

Secretary's Office In metropolitan areas where there is a great deal of work, the United States attorney may require the services ol a private secretary, whose office usually is located between the office of the United States attorney and the recaption room.

Chief Assistant United States Attorney's Office The office of tha chief assistant United States attorney shell hove n minimum area of 250 sq ft. Locate it Adjoining the office of the United States attorney,

Conference Room The conference room shall have a minimum area ol 250 sq ft. A large installation may require several conference rooms, located for the convenient use of the attorneys. This room should be sound treated.

Assistant United States Attorneys' otticos Offices of the assistant United States attorneys should be adjacent to each other and convenient to the chief assistont United States attorney. Each office shall have a minimum area of 180 sq ft.

library The library is used by all of the attorneys Irt the suite and therefore should open on a corridor.

Administrative Assistant's Office The office of the administrative assistant should be located adjoining the reception room on the side opposite the United Stated attorney's office and shall have a minimum area of 230 sq ft.

Vault A vault for the administrative assistant, opening into his office, shall have a minimum size of 6 by 9 ft,

Work and Supply Room A genaral work and supply room convenient to the administrative assistant's staff shell have a minimum area of 50 sq ft, It may be necessary to provide n separate room with electrical outlets for a mimeograph machine, photostat machine, or other duplicating equipment,

Sl8 nog I8p hetl' Office Provide administrative assistant/stenographers' office between the offices of assistant United States attorneys, allowing a minimum area of 100 sq ft per desk, Generally there will be a ratio of two stenographers for three attorneys.

Clerks and Filet Room The room for the clerks end files shall adjoin and connect with the administrative assistant's office.

Smaller Installations United Ststes attorney's suites differ in »¡in and requirements in accordance with the work in the district, They may be as small as three rooms in cities whore court is held for a very short period or where no assistant United States attorney is regularly stationed, Where no United States attorney is regularly stationed ul a place of holding court, his offices will not have a private toilet or coat closet and the rooms may be used for conference or committee rooms when court is not in session, Room sizes will average about 200 sq ft each and furniture will correspond with that of similar rooms in a major installation.

Part 9. United States Marshal

Oulies The United States marshal is charged with the custody of prisoners and their production in court, the maintenance of order in the courtroom, the service of processes, the appearance of witnesses, the collection and disbursement of certain monies and tees, the custody of certain property in the possession of the court, and other special duties assigned by the court.

Location The marshal's suite should be so located with relation to the courtroom thul prisoners can puss directly to it from the detention cells without exposure to public contact or view If the suite is located one floor above or below the courtroom, ft private stair which offers no opportunity for escape must be provided for prisoners. In multistory buildings with courtrooms on different floors, n private elevator to transport prisoners from a lower floor or basement entrance to the marshal's detention cells and to and from the courtrooms is usually required. A freight elevator may often serve in lieu of a private elevator for this purpose On large installations« the detention cells may be put in the basement. In that case, no additional detention cells are provided on other floors.

Components The United States marshal has a headquarters at some designated city in the judicial district, not necessarily the same city where the judge's headquarters are located-The marshal b suite varies in size according to the amount of work in the district. A typical suite for large installations includes;

Marshal s office Toilet

General office Vault

Bookkeepers office Deputy marshals office Interviewing room Fingerprinting room

Detention cells for men and for women Holding cells Storage room

Evidence storage room (may be in basement)

Marshal's Office This sholl have a minimum area of 300 sq fl- Provide a private toilet of not less than 30 sq ft

Genetal Office Provide e general office with a minimum area of 500 sq ft Tho public space is separated from tho rest of the general office by u counter and gate. The public space should have a minimum width of 8 ft,

Vault Opening into the general office, provide a vault with a minimum area of 100 sq ft, and accommodating a money safe Locate the vault so thai the interior is not visible from the public space,

Bookkeepers' Office Provide a bookkeepers' office adjoining the general office with a mint-mum of 300 sq ft. One desk is provided for each occupant,

Deputies Adjacent to and connected with the bookkeepers office (by passage if necessary), provide an office with a minimum area of 300 sq ft for the marshal b deputies, One desk is provided for each occupant

Fingerprinting Room Provide a fingerprinting room with a minimum of 120 sq ft adjoining and connecting with the deputies' office In the smaller offices, the fingerprinting cabinet and lavatory may be placed in the deputies office and the fingerprinting room omitted.

Interviewing Room Provide an interviewing room with a minimum area of 150 sq ft, located so that prisoners can be brought from the detention cells as directly as possible. The room shall accommodate one table and four Kid« chairs.

Detention Celts for Men and for Women

Colls for Man Usually, provide two detention cells with observation passage The cells shall be not less than 10 ft wide and be large enough to accommodate the maximum number of prisoners detained at one time, The sue of a cell shall be determined by allowing for each prisoner a minimum of 25 sq ft.

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