Room For Cobalt40 Facilities

By U.S. Public Health Service

Locution Plön (Above GrodcJ rip


(^'j F"" Occupancy Controlled

Fult Occupancy Uneontrollid ^T) Partial Occupancy Uncontrolled i^T^y Ocean o rial Occupancy Uncontrolled tr ®

Pit t'\ Ich ftv ft For Design Requirements wo nfixl pogn.


The shielding indicated on the accompanying plon» was computed on a basis of a 5,000 curie source. Because of its high cost, it is not now commonly used. Reduction of the source, however, does not decrease the shielding requirements significantly. For example, in the plan, use of a 2,000 curie source would result in a reduction of the thickness of wall

A by 3 in.; for o 500 curie source, a reduction of 5 ín. more. Since greatest eos» ís ¡n forming, such savings are relativety »malí.

In new construction, the co»t of concrete shielding will, in most cases, be a small part of the total cost of the insto lia »ion.

To ¡Ilústrate the máximum required shielding for floor and ceiling, the thicknesses shown have been computed for locations with fulltime uncontrolled occupancy above and below. With controlled occupancy less shielding would be necessary ond with no occupancy, these slabs could be reduced to the minimum structural requirements. An underground location is the only way, short of limiting the machine, of reducing the thickness of exterior walls.

•Willi Primary Beam Restricted to Floor nnd One Wall

Fig, 1 Rotational unit with primary beam absorber.

T >4,\ i '4 i" V '-*"1* 4 V" '4 ^ Vr^


Han of Cobalt 60 Room

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