bedroom dressing bedroom

Fig. 7 Compartmented plans.

over a dressing table, and space above or on either side of the lavatory. Windows should not be placed over the bathtub unless they are of the casement or awning type opened by a crank a window behind the toilet is seldom desirable. Skylights may be used to serve top-floor bathrooms if they are large enough la provide ade quote light and ventilation. Inside bath rooms without exterior windows ore some times used but require a dependable system of exhaust ventilation by natural or mechanrcol means, and greater artificial lighting in lieu of natural light accessories

The medicine cabinet should be related ?n size to the type of bathroom or toilet. For guest baths or toilets, space is needed only for dentifrices, shaving accessories, toilet preparations, and a few simple rem' edies. A bath serving several bedrooms may require a complete supply of medicines in addition to the items mentioned above Every bathroom should hove a storage closet for cleaning utensils and supplies and for reserve stocks of toilet paper, towels, and sundries

Floor space should be left in every bathroom for portable accessories desired by the owner or needed on occasion for the care of infants or invalids. Also consider allowing space for such items as scales, stool or seat, infant's bath and dressing table (portable type requires about 3 by 4 ft of floor space in use), soiled-linen hamper, exercise devices, dressing table or vanity with bench, and ultra-violet radiation equipment.

Towel bars should be ample in number

and length to serve the needi of each member of the family regularly using the bathroom, or of guests likely to use its facilities, before supplies can be replenished. For each person regularly using the bathroom, thers should be separate bar space for bath towel, face towel, and face cloth, as well os an additional rock for guest towels.

Linen storage may consist of towel cabinets recessed in the thickness of plumbing wails (either over fixtures Or os full height cabinets) or may be expanded into complete linen closets. Dressing-room boths may include completely fitted wardrobes See Table 3.1

Minimum-sized bathrooms and toilets require special planning to ensure ode quote wall space for essential accessories fTable 4), bathrooms


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