Scheme A

Scheme C shows the number of families reduced from 280 to 165 (5.7 per acre). Groups of twelve houses front on pedestrian courts. Access for cars and service vehicles is by looping driveways behind the houses. Visitors park in the compounds at the entrances to the courts. The low density results in even more generous open space than in Schemes A and B. Through traffic is excluded from the subdivision and, again, the boundary streets are not used for lot frontages.

Schemes A, B, and C fulfill the basic objectives of zoning; promotion of health and general welfare, provision of adequate light and air, and prevention of overcrowding of the land, of undue congestion. Yet, under most existing zoning ordinances Schemes A, B, and C cannot be built.

Scheme B also provides for 2B0 families. Groups of houses face on courts instead of streets. Parking compounds in each court justify elimination of individual garages. As in Scheme A, tot lots, sitting areas, common areas and interior walks are provided in addition to private yards and gardens.

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