Fig. 25 First floor diagram.

and electrical lines and not unusual for venti» lating ducts If there is substantial advantage to be gained, structural columns may be picked up and carried on girders concealed by the hung ceiling.

Vertical Circulation Core

For purposes of security and convenience, elevators should be well illuminated and visi* ble from the lobby area, At least one exit stair should empty directly to the outside (but not necessarily at the lobby level).

It should be borne in mind that the stair layout in the lobby will frequently differ from a typical floor due to a greater first-floor ceiling height.

Mail Room

Mailboxes as welt should be highly visible. It boxes are rear-loading, a locked room behind the boxes should be provided for the mailman's use. Front-loading boxes require no such room. However, in either case, an additional secure area for packages and deliveries may be advised, Current federal requirements which govern matters such as maximum and minimum height of boxes and size of mail rooms should be consulted,

Wheeled Storage and/or Pram Room

Paths of travel from the main entrance to these areas should be short, direct, and without steps. Layout of the rooms for purposes of security should be such that all paris of the room are visible from the entrance. Lock rails, to which equipment may be secured, should be supplied.


Shops and service facilities at the ground floor provide many advantages in terms of activity and convenience. However, much of the advantage to the building may be diminished if the shops face away from the lobby and provide either no access or poor back-door access from the apartment building itself, On the other hand, easy circulation between a commercial establishment and the lobby may cause security problems which must be considered.

Laundry and Community Room

Laundries and community rooms are fre* quently found at the first floor for convenient servicing and public access and in order to utilize the additional story height. These facilities should be on a short, direct path from elevators, with as little cross circulation with other activities as possible. (See Figs, 26 to 30.)

Laundries may be located either on typical floors or in a penthouse in conjunction with the community room.

Location of laundry rooms on typical floors has the advantage of convenience which, however» is offset by difficulties of multiple maintenance and problems of odor and noise.

washers proportionate to number of apartmfnts without washers usually one machine for each 15 to £0 apartments

waiting area with seating and usually vending machines dryers usually v? thf number op washers hi&h-speed •spin dryer (optional)

laundry sinks

-storage for attendant

Fig. 26 Lntindiy loom diBQram additional small mee'iing rooms and/or workshops may se desirable movable partition allows multiple usage

Fig. 27 Community loom Isyoui

Fig. 27 Community loom Isyoui

carrying of columns may be desirable pass through / por serving

door opening

Fig. 29 Tmical rofusc contal nsts- Conmh Bnd to-oídmete wrth leftisn eollnctian agoncy to atiuie nc ccpiuhiliry of lystem tegatding weight and jiie dI cttnloinen, ote it is generally recommended to allow reserve boiler capacity in case of breakdown breeching from boilers ro flue.

area and shape same as net flue area boiler flue up to 60 so ft gross floor area as close to square as possible. no greater than 2.1 ratio recommended ■


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