Special Clinics

Fig. 9 Dental clime; flow diagram.

Screening For the screening of new patients, an examination room separate from the diagnostic clinic in desirable. This room should be equipped with dental chairs. Dental units are not necessary unless the room will also be used for emergency treatment.

Emergency treatment rooms function as a part of the reception and screening area. Either u series of single-chair rooms or a large room with two or three dental chairs is practical Although emergency treatment rooms are sometimes included in each of this clinics in the treatment area, the provision of central facilities is more likely to assure that the rooms are not preempted tor some other purpose.

Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning Area

It is in the diagnostic and radiology clinics that the incoming patient's need for dental care is determined and a plan of treatment formulated.

The Diagnostic Clinic Essential facilities in the diagnostic clinic include operatories or exami»

nation rooms, a clinical diagnostic laboratory, and a treatment planning and consultation room. Faculty offices and faculty research areas should be provided nearby.

Although multiple-chair rooms are sometimes ueed for examinations, a series of single-chair rooms assures privacy for the recording of patients1 case histories. Each position should be equipped with an x-ray viewer. Estimating that 16 patients can be accommodated daily in each chair, an eight-chair facility could handle over 120 patients each day. In addition to dental chairs, the examination rooms should be furnished with dusks for the convenience of Ihose students who are recording case histories.

The clinical diagnostic laboratory is used for hematological and other diagnostic procedures, It is equipped with laboratory benches similar to those used for the low-bench basic science discipline*, but since students are assigned here in blocs, eight positions are usually sufficient. Air, gas, and electricity should be available at each position« and both hot and cold water are desirable. A hand washing sink should also be provided. One stand-up laboratory bench should be located at the outer wall. Because patients seen in this laboratory are referred directly from the diagnostic clinic, no waiting room is needed.

The treatment planning and consultation room, where students and instructors meet to discuss cases« should be equipped with a chalkboard, demonstration table, projection screen, and x-ray viewer, in addition to a dental chair and unit. The room can also be used tor small-group demonstrations.

Radiology Clinic Because roentgenograms are made for every incoming patient, the radiology

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