"A place for everything and everything in its place" ft the slogan for closet designers at well ai housewives. Modern closets should be planned for the storage of The particular clothing or objects of the Individual or the group using the space. An accurate list of the objects to be stored is necessary for the scientific allotment and arrangement of space and facilities. A "margin of safety" of some 25 per cent increased capacity should be allowed far the usual accumulation of additional belongings. It is better to have too much space than not enough. Much con be stored in little space if sufficient thought is given to the arrangement of the space and the equipment. Too many closets have unused and unusable space due to poor planning.

Good closet design requires planning, ar. rangement, and fixtures contributing to:

1, Convenience a. Ease of access b. Maximum visibility c. Orderliness d. Maximum accessibility e. Maximum of used space

2♦ Preservation o. Of pressed condition b. Of freshness (ventilation)

c. From moths d. From dust e. From pilfering

The above are not all simultaneously obtainable, and some are mutually exclusive; for instance, eliminating doors gives maximum availability but minimum security from dust, moths, and pilfering; adhering to the principle of maximum accessibility would result in unused space at top and bottom of closet.

Modern closets, by the efficient arrangement of space and fixtures, accommodate much more clothing and material than the inconvenient, space-wasting closets of a few decades ago. The modern closet often replaces pieces of furniture and thus provides a greater amount of free, uncluttered space in the room.

Door* should open the full width of the closet whenever possible. In most cases the most efficient and economical doors are the usual Hinged type. Two doors for o 5-ft closet wilt eliminate dark, inaccessible, hard-to-clean corners. Hooks, racks, and accessaries on the backi of swinging doors Increase efficiency by using otherwise unoccupied space in the closet.

Alternate closet closing methods may in volve more complicated or more expensive construction, though they may obviate the objection that swinging doors form an obstruction in the room. Sliding doors can expose the entire interior of the closet to view and make it immediately accessible. Such doors do not block traffic. Sliding doors, however, do not permit the use of special door fixtures such as tie racks, shoe racks or bags, hat hangers, or mirrors, which are handy and easily reached when attached to a hinged closel door. Banks of wardrobe-type closets with sliding doors are becoming more and more popular. Fitted with drawers or troys, they take the place of bureaus, chests, and chiffoniers and make for more spacious, uncluttered rooms.

Doors which expose the full width of the closet are preferable for both visibility and accessibility. "Walk-in" or "walk-through" closets naturally use more area than others with no "circulation." In some rooms, however, a single door to a targe "walk-in" closet may be justified by the need for maximum wall space for furniture.

Some of the various closing methods ore shown in Fig. 1.

oooe. slides I WTO wall

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