Summary Of Location And Space Guidelines


The guidance unit should be:

1. Separate from but near the administrative offices for convenient access to personnel records and certain clerical services. (See Fig. 2.)

2. Accessible by a direct entrance from corridor.

3. Located lo provide exits from counseling area separate from entrances, if possible.

4. Readily accessible lo students and near the main flow of student IraflRc to facilitate contact, scheduling, ond communication.

5. Readily accessible from a main entrance for the benefit of parents and representatives of community agencies.

6. Reasonably near to related personnel services, such as pupil accounting, health, and psy chological services.

7. Reasonably near to the library for convenience in use of display and reference materials.


The guidance unit should provide:

1. Attractive and comfortable reception area with appropriate materials to encourage profitable use of waiting time.

2. Private counseling rooms or offices.

Reception New Unit Counseling
Fig. 2 Location of guidance unit. (Reproduced from "Administrative Facilities in School Buildings,1' Special Publication No. 6. UfS, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Office of Education, Woshinglon, 1957.)

3. Conference room for such uses as case conferences; individual testing,* special stoff person nel such as the school nurse, visiting teacher, speech correclionist; interviewing by prospective employers and representatives of institutions of higher teaming.

4. Multipurpose room adjacent to counseling offices for group testing, group procedures, and inservice training activities.

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