Thru Duplex

Fiq. 24 Typical apartment layout.

(1) Ft is advisable to back up similar (kitchen and kitchen, balh and bathl ducts where possible, This allows one fan and fireproof enclosure to serve two ducts but requires measures to avoid excessive sound transmission between backed up spaces Ducts may be "buried" in closets, krlchen. etc. Kitchen exhausts are best located near the range and close to the ceiling, Bathroom exhausts should, if possible, be placed away from the door in older to pull as much bathroom air as possible. Ducts are not necessary in kitchens or baths with windows I however, baths with windows, like top-lloor baths, should be heated), (2) The structure should be spaced as regularly as practicable and within economical cenlerto-center distances. Columns buili into closets or kitchens should assume the dimensions o( the closet or cabinet Column size should be reduced at upper stories of tall buildings Slab openings along an entire column face should be avoided (3) Plumbing backup is recommended Dissimilai uses may be backed up. and it is possible to back up plumbing for moie than two spaces. (4) Depth of rooms is sometimes limited by building codes. In any event, room depth relative to window size and location and natural light should be considered.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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