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The split-level plan of the Dundee Elementary School in Greenwich, Conn. {Fig. 50), shows classroom space needed for a team-teaching program. Team teaching, a relatively new technique, is being used in both the elementary and the high school level. The principal requirement for building facilities in team-teaching programs is flexibility —the ability to have space for small, average, and large-size classes, arid to be able to shift these spaces from hour to hour. In this type ol school the rooms may be constant or variable in size, and in both categories there are small, average, and large-size groups. The illustration indicates how this has been done by the installation of electrically operated folding partitions in many of the rooms. Under this program the movement of pupils is generally much greater than under the homeroom type of elementary program. Ample corridors and stairs are essential. This program also indicates the need for compact design to avoid excessive travel time between rooms. The lower portion of the plan is at ground level; the upper portion is one half story higher. Below the upper level are additional classrooms and the administrative offices.

This plan of the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School, Concord, Mass. (Fig, 51), gives an indication of the variation in sizes of rooms needed to support a modern comprehensive program. Adaptation of room sizes to the needs of the class ensures maximum use of space. Grouping of students within classes is quite common and calls for the availability of small spaces where small groups from classes may meet informally. Likewise, there are many occasions when it is desirable to join two or more classes for a large group experience.

A small platform unit (Fig. 52} is recommended for el em on tar y classrooms. It is portable and designed in four sections. The sections may be used together or separately for a variety of educational activities. This portable unit keeps the floor area flexible, whereas a permanent built-in platform limits the use of a section of the classroom.

Classroom Facilities

Modern teaching procedures require more complex classroom facilities than were considered necessary in the past. Provision should be

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