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(6) Riff, Colean, Vosg and Souder, Architects,

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Aft on* of I he areas in the hospital whore patients are moat vulnerable to infection, the nursery should be planned to provide the beftl means for the care, safety, and welfare of the infants. Although the plans and diagrams, shown here, have been developed for hospitals of specified sizes, the principles set forth apply to all hospitals, large or small, new or old.

Basic recommendations for planning nurseries that have been developed, based on clinical experience and study, include: limit-tug the number of infants in each nursery; wide spacing of bassinets within each nursery; separation of bassinets by cubicle partitions, promoting the use of aseptic techniques and individual care by providing, among other things, ample space and handwashing facili* ties; limiting the number of bassinets served by one nurses' station; separating facilities for premature infants and for observing infants suspected of having infectious conditions;

* The study from which this article was condensed was prepared lor the Division of Hospital and Medical Facilities. Public Health Service, and the Children's Bureau Social Security Administration, by 0 Bernard Ives, architect Copras of the study may be obtained from Superintendent of Documents, U S Government Printing Office, Washington

NURSERY FOR 440 UVE BIRTHS PER YEAR IN HOSPITAL OF APPROXIMATELY 50 BEDS. The number of bassinets and maternity beds required is based on number of live births expected in hospital per year, rather than a rule-of-thumb relationship to the over-all bed complement. Six to 8 per cent (up to 12 per cent in poor economic areas) of the total live births will be premature (low birth weight of 5 pounds 8 ounces)

Fig. 1 Hani lar nurtary in 50-bsd haipital.

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