Fig, 5. Flow of work in food preparation

12 in. minimum, 24 tn. maximum; counter-top—15 in. minimum, 24 in, maximum. Spacing of jfie/ving; if depth of shelf is 4-6 in., allow 5 in. minimum spacing, if 6-10 in. allow 6 in,, if 10-15 in. allow 7 in,, if 15-24 in, allow 10 in.

(required where countertop abuts walls): 4 in* minimum height. Sfee/ cobrnefi; minimum gages—case and drawer slides, 16; gussets ond cross rails, 18; bottoms, door ond drawer fronts and sides, 20; elsewhere, 22, Exhaust fan (required in ceiling or wall near range, or in hood over range): minimum capacity—15 air changes per hour.

Fig. 6. Percentage distribution of trips in food preparation

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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